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Kirkton Australian Labradoodles is a family run breeding program located at Gisborne South, in the Macedon Ranges. Gisborne is a 40 minute drive north of Melbourne, and a 30 minute drive from Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport. We have carefully chosen the best bloodlines to produce labradoodle puppies of the highest quality, and in line with the ALA guidelines.

Our breeding aim is to produce pets with the strong characteristics of the breed:

  •  Low allergy, light to non-shedding coat
  •  Sociable temperament
  • Trainable temperament

Learn more about our wonderful girls, and see photo galleries dedicated to each of them. For more information on the grading systems, please refer to the Australian Labradoodle Association website. 

Kirkton Kandy
Krkton Hank and Toby on the farm

Kirkton is a 160 acre property, home to Cattle, horses and now miniature and medium size labradoodles.

Our dogs are happy to run and play out on the farm with us, and are just as happy in city and suburban settings – as seen in our photo galleries, where you will find our dogs and labradoodle puppies, as well as those we have placed in specially selected care families. All Kirkton Australian Labradoodles are family pets and are not kenelled.

For information on ordering our Australian labradoodle puppies, please contact Lyn on (03) 5428 3445, or feel free to send us a message via our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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“Promoting and Protecting the Australian Labradoodle since 1998  

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Kirkton Kandy

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